What does your ideal round look like?

Carl Hicks

08 July 2024

We’ve all had what we’d consider to be the best round of golf we’ve ever played. But what was it that made it so special?

Perhaps it was playing at a picturesque course on a sunny holiday when we felt perfectly relaxed. Maybe it was the one time we shot our lowest and we felt unstoppable. We want to enjoy ourselves as much as possible each time we head to the golf course, so what factors contribute towards us feeling and playing our best?


Obviously, we all want to be playing in flawless weather. It’s the best feeling getting to head out on the course wearing lighter clothes with the sun high overhead. It’s also a relief when play isn’t too slow and we get to enjoy the company of our golfing buddies without having to worry about the pace of play.

To us, the best round is when our golf goes as smoothly as possible. We feel our best when our game is flowing well without any stop/start interruptions. For example, when we’re carrying our gear on our back and setting our bags down only to pick them up again after our shots, it can throw us off our rhythm and focus.

The latest golf tech is always evolving to make our time spent on the course as efficient and stress-free as possible, and the latest electric trolleys on the market do exactly that. Please join us as we walk you through the great experience an electric golf trolley will offer you each time you take it to the course.


Easy set-up


It all starts with pulling up to the club and getting our equipment together as quick as we can. Once we’ve got the trolley out the boot of the car, it’s incredibly simple to get an electric golf trolley up and running. Modern golf trolleys have a simple folding system that means they’ll be ready for use in a fluid, quick and easy movement.

The batteries in the latest trolleys have been designed to give you total peace of mind. They’re typically cable free and very easy to charge. A standard battery charge will last for hours, so you can rest assured your battery won’t run out on you mid-round.

Once your trolley is standing upright, your bag will fit effortlessly into place on top. Electric golf trolleys have a sturdy base that will keep all your gear steady as you move along. They’re also equipped with straps to prevent your equipment from sliding around.


Out on the course


Once you’ve got that slightly nerve-wracking tee shot out of the way, you’ll be heading to your second shot thinking what a lovely few hours you’ve got ahead of you. The beauty of playing with an electric golf trolley is that you feel no strain from having to carry your clubs, and you can gently guide your motor-powered trolley along the fairway ahead of you.

The upper end of the trolley market features electric trolleys that come equipped with remote controls that allow you to manoeuvre your trolley at a distance. This feature is a lot of fun to use and will give you the freedom to stretch your legs at your own pace.

Having met up with your tee shot, you’ll be wanting to know how best to play your approach shot. Certain trollies have intricate GPS capabilities that allow you to receive instant yardage readings at every stage of the hole. With this knowledge at your fingertips, you’ll have any uncertainty removed from your pre-shot routine and know exactly which club to reach for.

Never needing to keep lifting up and setting down your clubs, the only time you’ll need to bend over is to pick up your ball at the end of the hole.


Getting off the course


Making your way merrily around the golf course, you’ll know exactly where you stand when you keep your card in the handy scorecard holder. Once you’re coming off the 18th green, the electric golf trolley is just as easy to dismantle again, and you’ll be reflecting on the way home how simple and straightforward your round was.

Buying an electric golf trolley is a decision that deserves lots of consideration, so we want to be right by your side to offer you our professional advice.

We can’t stock every single trolley model in the pro shop as we only have so much space, but we can order them in for you very quickly. Anything you see in our online shop, we can certainly source for you. If thinking about adding an electric trolley to your golfing gear this season, we’d be happy to consult you in the pro shop.

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